Troop 485 was founded in 1969 in Franklin Square, NY.  Through out the years the troop has helped others in the community with service projects and has had youth members from Franklin Square, Garden City South and West Hempstead.  We continue to build character for our youth members with trained Scout leaders with years of experience.  For more information please contact the leadership via email

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The Troop had a great time this year at camp.  Swimming, paddling, mountain biking, horses, shooting, archery, ice cream, camp fires and ATVs were all in the program.  The boys and the adults all enjoyed many of the camp programs and all had a blast.

Here are the slide shows:




More to come shortly . . .



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James and Corry had a meeting with the Eagle Board Chairman on Monday, July 14 and both projects were approved.  Once all the requirements for eagle scout are met, each of them can submit the application to the council office and an Eagle Scout board of review will be scheduled in a couple months.

Zach also met with the Eagle Board Chairman about his proposed eagle project.  Zach has received an approval to start working on his eagle project.  We all look forward to helping Zach complete his project so he can continue on the path to Eagle Scout.

Congratulations all.


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Are you looking for some adventure while at your favorite summer camp, Onteora? Are you curious about nearby hiking trails close to summer camp? The Onteora Alumni Association has designed a website to explore some of the trails nearby our camp.  The map on the web site can be made bigger or smaller so you can see the Red Trail around camp and some of the adjoining trails out of the North end of Onteora.

Can you find Alder Lake on the map?  Did you know that Alder Lake was also a summer camp for our council during the 1960s?  Did you know back in those days they would hike between the camps, its about 10 miles?

There is a way to hike from New York City, all the way to summer camp if you choose to do so.

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Friday night paint crew

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Members of Troop 485 met on Saturday, June 14 to conduct the first part of James’ eagle project.

Friday evening James and Paul dropped off the wood to be cut and put it under cover due to the impending rainstorm Friday. Early the next morning the group arrived to sort and help the adults cut all the pieces needed for the project build in 2 weeks. James and Paul arrived a little after 9:30 with more wood that was donated and it was counted and sorted for cutting. After everything was labeled, the cutting began along with stacking and resorting into the component parts. Once most of the cutting was completed, the pieces were moved to the back of Andy’s truck so we could deliver it to the site for storage, ready for assembly in 2 weeks.

Here is a slide show from the work day.

Scoutmaster Gary and friend Doug getting ready for the vigil call out.


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Paul had his Eagle project finalized and approved tonight BULLY
Now he makes his submission to Council to await his final board of review
Good luck

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An article on the new sustainability pavilion at the National Jamboree site in West Virginia.

Sustainability Pavilion at the Summit

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