Troop 485 was founded in 1969 in Franklin Square, NY.  Through out the years the troop has helped others in the community with service projects and has had youth members from Franklin Square, Garden City South and West Hempstead.  We continue to build character for our youth members with trained Scout leaders with years of experience.  For more information please contact the leadership via email

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Here’s a rough calendar for Spring 2015. More to come!

1/12 Troop Meeting
1/19 NO MEETING – holiday
1/26 Troop Meeting
1/30-31 Ski Trip ???

2/2 Troop Meeting
2/9 Troop Meeting
2/14-15 Blue Nose
2/16 NO MEETING – holiday

3/2 Troop Meeting
3/9 Troop Meeting
3/14-15 Durland Camping
3/16 Troop Meeting
3/23 Troop Meeting
3/30 Troop Meeting

4/2-4 Boston ?
4/13 Troop Meeting
4/20 Troop Meeting
4/27 Troop Meeting

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Troop 485 went to Theodore Roosevelt Council’s Schiff Scout Reservation on Long Island to stay in a cabin. We were in Kniffen Cabin near the parking lot and although the weather was raining the scouts made the journey. The Scouts that went were: Sean, Kyle, Chris N, Mekhi, Daniel, Louie, Andrew R, Thomas, Scott, Andrew T, Nick, and Paulie. The leaders and adults in attendance were Glenn, Deb and Gary.

The evening activities included hanging around the cabin because it was raining and activities were limited to staying indoors. The next morning the weather was clear so the troop was able to get some of the planned activities in. We cooked pancakes and sausage, and our Webelo visitor and his dad showed up as we were cleaning. We set up the tarp, and worked on the fire ring for later in the afternoon.

We then used compasses to navigate our way to the sunken lake trail by the Hayden Hall building. Practice measuring distances and heights was reviewed and taught for rank requirements and as we were completing the trail it began to rain. We headed back for lunch which was grilled cheese, tomato or chicken noodle soup and pudding. It was raining steadily when the troop formed 3 groups to challenge SM Gary to a fire building contest.

Because of the weather, 5 matches were given to each group. The first group to light the fire and burn the string would win. Despite the weather one group successfully started their fire. Congratulations Kyle, Mekhi, Daniel and our Webelo visitor for starting the fire. A li gh twei gh t backpacking stove demonstration was conducted for additional rank requirements later in the afternoon.

The remaining time was spent indoors due to the rain. It was decided that dinner would not be as planned and SM Gary went down the road with Glenn to get pizza from a local place. This turned out to be the highlight of the weekend.

All had a good time despite the weather.

Chris and Gary

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Troop 485 (Franklin Square) scouts (Thomas, Scott, Ethan, Antonio), several years ago, voted to forgo a gift exchange and instead, use the money to purchase items to be given to a local family to help improve their Christmas holiday. This year, the scouts again shopped at a local Target and purchased clothing and toys valued at over $500, to be distributed to their “adopted family”! AND the bonus – the actual cost was about $370 thanks to a couple of coupons!

Thank you to all who donated their $15 gift money. This is the third year troop 485 has adopted a family.
Special thanks to the parents who drove tonight and helped out
Super special thanks to Carmela for lending a hand to collect and count.
AND super duper special thanks to Therese for coordinating – wrapping and delivering.

Congratulations Troop 485 for continuing to help those who are less fortunate and brightening their holiday season. Bully!

Deb and Chris

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The last several years the scouts of our troop have voted to not have a gift exchange but instead,  chose to use the money to shop for families in need in our community, to give them a Christmas.   Tonight our scouts shopped at Target,  purchasing over $500 in clothing and toys to be given to our “adopted family”.  Great job scouts!

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Today Webelos from Packs 372 and 106 came and we showed them first aid, cooking, how to use a knife, backpacking and tent set up. 19 boys from the 2 packs and their parents and leaders were in attendance. The troop had 5 stations set up for the Webelos to circulate around to with one or two scout guides to help. It was a big success having that many Webelos in attendance.

The leaders also explained to the parents how the troop runs, its activities and the leadership responsibilities in the other room. They also reviewed how a troop runs differently than the cub scouts.

Bully to each of the scouts, Webelos and parents that attended.

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The troop made plans to attend Scout Day at West Point Military Academy on November 24. It was a little chilly but we had a great time watching the review of the Cadets. This was followed by a parachute demo by the Black Knights Parachute Demonstration Team. We then headed off to the football field where we had a quick lunch. As we sat down in the stadium we watched the Cadets enter the field (a smaller version of the same review from earlier). This was soon followed by another jump by the Black Knights and visit by the helicopter. The football game was great (WP won 42-31) and the half time show with the enormous US Flag was spectacular!!!

Chris and Gary

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ASM Kevin did a special SCUBA presentation on November 24 at our weekly meeting. He invited the SCUBA Network from Carle Place to help with the demonstration. The instructors had a short video presentation and showed us the equipment used for diving and reviewed what they do when instructing beginners how to SCUBA. Thank you Kevin for setting this up. Anyone interested in taking lessons, the company has a Scout rate for SCUBA certification which would apply to Scouts and an introduction to SCUBA course. This is a great way to see if you would want to continue through certifcation. The cost of the intro program can be used against the certification price. It was very interesting.

Chris and Gary

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The Troop had a great time this year at camp.  Swimming, paddling, mountain biking, horses, shooting, archery, ice cream, camp fires and ATVs were all in the program.  The boys and the adults all enjoyed many of the camp programs and all had a blast.

Here are the slide shows:




More to come shortly . . .



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James and Corry had a meeting with the Eagle Board Chairman on Monday, July 14 and both projects were approved.  Once all the requirements for eagle scout are met, each of them can submit the application to the council office and an Eagle Scout board of review will be scheduled in a couple months.

Zach also met with the Eagle Board Chairman about his proposed eagle project.  Zach has received an approval to start working on his eagle project.  We all look forward to helping Zach complete his project so he can continue on the path to Eagle Scout.

Congratulations all.


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